My name is Jose "Cheppe" Quetzal, Najera. I was burn on the 15th October 1942, at 5p.m. Here in this nice town of ours Benque Viejo Del Carmen. My Sign is LIBRA. MY Family was very religious and decent. My Father was Mr. Conrado Gabino Quetzal, Zac and Teodosa Juanita  Najera de Quetzal,

From Very small I Start to work at 11 Years old on the Roma Catholic Mission. Till 1960 For only 3 Dollars a week. I am a very sincere Catholic, but  I never like to discuss about others religions. I am an active Rosicrucian for more than 53 years. A none religious organization.  It's  a worldwide ancient fraternity. As long as it was recommended to me by Rev. Father Anthony Kuenzel. s.j and Father Coudy S.J of the  Jesuits  Society.  As my fathers were poor on those hard days I could not go to the collage. I like to study so much. Nothing stops me to learn by correspondence. I am graduate on director and administrator of trade unionism and cooperativism. By  the Internacional Confederation of Trade Union Organizations. (CIOSL). the Regional Organizations of Interamerican Trade Unions. (ORIT) of General Workers Develupment Union. Of BELIZE. At same time I am an International Trader since 1975. I worked with the South Western Petroleum Corporation of Forth Worth Texas. For 3 years. Also student with California Aircraft Institute.

I am extensively educated on History, Literature, Arts, Science, and Mistisism. I start to write because of the great need of leaders today on 2012. The same that decide me to study years ago. The poor of our country must unit  for there rights. Our workers are with out wrights to live.  I have investigated for very long that never our Benque history has been written. Nor our workers have been educated for the better of our country wide. The majority of you the poor worker need to be treated as human beings. That makes the need of authentic leaders of the  Poor. It s real we do not have them till this year 2012 .We see that fanatic leaders with out training can never carry our country to be prosperious. Sorry but it is a real true, even being a collage man, we see it all ready. They can not feel as you the poor. The ones that suffer personally, who need food for his family, you who need a job, and every body says you no work. You are the one who can be a leader. Ask your self why still today nobody wants to teach you, the workers.

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