Jambhala Rinpo

Jambhala Rinpo, chillin' in a hammock

I am an individual actualizing sustainable systems to enjoy life more fully. Through making smart decisions to automate processes and allow things to thrive, I create more time for myself to focus on the art , music, and dance.

I am also one of the co-founders of SoulPods.org and TribeShares.com and participating on all levels from shoveling earth, building/managing the website, helping erect structures, gardening, socializing, and looking for new lands and partnerships.

My vision for SoulPods and TribeShares is to build a network of communities that our members help to both create and mold into the places they want to enjoy with like-minded community members. I hope we can all share in ideas and technologies to help sustain us all, and eventually it would be nice if we could evolve into a sustainable harmonious culture. This would be an evolution of abundance in the world where we all join together to use resources for the highest good of all, and by using intelligent technologies/designs for sustainability we will create a place of abundance where we all have enough food and shelter and can share more freely without expectations of others and constantly reforming ourselves into greater harmony within the whole of the galaxy.

Peace Love Unity Respect

Prosperity and Abundance

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