Katherine Devine received her Hatha Yoga teaching certificate through The Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago, Illinois in 2003.  She has been teaching Yoga in Belize and The United States for over nine years now.  Katherine s work has included Private & Group instruction as well as guided retreats. Over the years she has worked with a variety of special needs clients such as:  elderly, the physically challenged, children, and pregnant women.

Originally, Katherine trained as an ecologist, at the Naropa Institute in Boulder Colorado.  Through the blending of these two philosophies, yoga and ecology, Katherine adds a unique flavor to all of her teaching. The holistic approach of Yoga, which promotes healthy living and right-lifestyle, is complemented nicely by the ecological concepts of the interconnected, inter-dependence of all life.   

Incorporating yoga postures, breath-work, and meditation, Katherine’s classes work on strengthening and balancing the bodies muscular, skeletal; endocrine and metabolic systems to bring about a healthy, youthful, and invigorated body. By promoting peaceful, healthy and sustainable living, Katherine also teaches Yoga as more than simply an exercise but as a tool to open up to greater self-awareness, inner resilience, emotional well-being, and joy-filled living.  Katherine encourages her students to explore dynamic and creative solutions to the challenges they face in their practice, on and off of the yoga mat. 

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