Melissa "Jude" Luca


After a profound spiritual experience in 1997 Jude was transformed. The intensity uplifted her awareness, forever changing her path in life. After giving up just about everything from her old world, the journey magically unfolded. Now, there is nothing more important than following the guidance, constantly creating new realms of thought-idea-dreams.

Recently, another profound call is leading her to create retreats and work with the earth. Powerful locations are continually revealing themselves to her, as she remains open and receptive.She gives thanks for this guidance. With integrity, she shares it with all who are called to The Vision Exchange.

Jude’s Professional Experience

Spanning fifteen years, Jude has been practicing and integrating a large variety of healing and creative modalities in her work. For the last ten years, she has been living, working and teaching in the magical power- spot of Sedona Arizona.  In 2008 she moved The Vision Exchange to Belize surrounded by ancient Mayan Temples.

She has an extensive knowledge of the structure of the body. She is a certified and licensed massage practioner and teacher of Structural Integration (body work based on the teachings of Ida Rolf) spanning 15 years. Jude is also a certified yoga instructor. She teaches trantric and communication techniques to bring awareness and responsibility for self. She also has a deep understanding of astrology, aromatherapy and breathwork. Her extensive background in dance and movement celebrate the sensuality of being fully embodied in life. Combining all of these gifts and knowledge, she holds a sacred safe space for each person’s full embodiment and Divine wisdom to come forth…meeting each being exactly where they are in the moment.

She offers classical homepathy and makes her own healing remedies.  She began her journey with homeopathy in 1998 during her pregnancy.  She studied at the Homeopathy school of Colorado.

 Since moving to Belize she has had the pleasure of discovering Chaya which grows abundantly on her land.  This is a mayan superfood she uses in different ways to promote her own and others healing.

Jude also offers spiritual readings and guidance as a born medium with the purpose of helping people connect to their divinity and soul purpose.

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