Medicine Woman on Medicine Mountain

 Born with the ability to resonate on a high frequency, my higher soul, I have a straight connection and communication with the higher realms, angelic, ascended masters, communion with nature realm, sometimes referred to as devas, faeries, nature spirits and work with souls after passing on from this realm and their communication with loved ones. I do this in private readings also tuning into the individuals sould purpose according to their lights.

My purpose on this planet is to shine my individual authentic light, mirror it to the whole universe through my expression which channels in a rainbow of rays/ways aiding the shift out of old paradigms creating new paridigms of reality.

My passion for dance lead me to help fully embody people through the passion and expression of dancing with yoga focusing on the awareness of the energy body, postural alignment in the physcial and protecting the spine via the core.

I recently designed an online course, EN LIGHTEN UP , massage school on medicine mountain and lead ongoing varities of retreats and worshops.

I personally work with this energy in all of my healings, gardening (chaya), tinctures, brews (kombucha), teas and teach classes and workshops on helping people get in touch with these finer vibrations and to make medicine from the earth.

In my indidual healing work I am a medical intuitive tuning into the energy body system and an advanced practioner in structural integration.   

Healing with homeopathy, medicine from plants and minerals.  



I mostly use this when people leave their bodies to help them through the light or with their transition in general. After all their is a whole new realm to discover! And sometimes beings can get "stuck" from whatever they are unfinished with or clinging to on the earth plane.

Get a white tall 7 day church candle (must be white).

Write a letter which I will give you a mock of.

Make sure you do not write on the back of the paper. If you have more words get a new piece. And SO BE IT at the end of prayer and the personal message. Make sure the paper is folded clean not sloppy. Then place the prayer letter under the candle (Place the candle someplace it will not be bothered) Light the candle with a prayer and intention of the light. Let the candle burn until it goes out. This time frame will vary with each soul.

I like to draw cards, play music (appropriate for the being involved) place crystals, pictures or whatever makes you jive.

Mock letter

Mother Father God,

I ask for your guidance to FULL NAME OF BEING I call on their higher soul All of their guides and angels of light and sacred circle of light. I ask now that you bath them in their journey THROUGH the light and in the remembrance and knowing of their soul purpose.

I love you and give thanks


Now write a personal letter if you feel it and at the end SO BE IT




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