Weekend Workshops


To deepen your practice as an already qualified massage practioner or to just learn about one area of interest depending on the specific class while earning your CEU requirements if your coming from the states.  All in a magical, serene setting on Medicine Mountain!


"Miss Jude at the Cayo School of Enlightenment is very knowledgable and highly qualified, so it was a joy to attend her Cranial Sacral/Reiki/Reflelology workshop. The progam taught me how to work with my clients suffering from restrictive movement resulting from accidents by getting their cranial sacral fluid flowing.  It was an interesting thread of educational experience which has deepend my qualifications as a CMT! "          ~Desery Puga,  San Ignacio, Belize


Ongoing  workshops in the EN LIGHTEN UP course in Belize or Online 


Reiki with Introduction of Cranial Sacral and Chakras

   March 8~9  2014

This course will take us into the knowledge of becoming more fully aware of our personal, universal energy and how to channel this into everything we do.  We will discuss and meditate with sound, color, movement and essential oils on our chakras (energy centers) and how that applies to the physical. Students will also learn to listen deeply with their hands to the cranial sacral pulse and how this relates to the whole person.  Overall this weekend is intended to enhance and expand awareness as an individual and therapist.  

No massage training needed to attend this workshop. Open hearts required.     


Shiatsu Introduction             March 15~16  2014

 This is an intensive course in the introduction of the oriental theory and practice of shiatsu, acupuncture and accupreasure with a shaman healer of over 30 years.  

No massage training needed.  Open hearts required.

Yoga and Meditation       

11am to 12:30pm  

Come join us and celebrate your body/being by keeping your joints juicy and meditation to keep the mind free.  This class also includes awareness oriented exercises and guided journeys to healthy communication and much more. Contact us for details on each weekend which will have a specific area of focus. 

No experience needed.  Open hearts required         25.00


Classes Available for Massage Therapists upcoming


Reflexology                      February 8~9 2014

This course will focus on the feet (foundation)  and the correlation to points on the feet with the systems of the body and structural Integration.  We start the day with meditation and yoga guided for awareness and enlightenment. 



Shoulder and Pelvic Release          February 15~16  2014

Based on Rolfing and Myofacial techniques students will learn to go into deep areas (psoas, pec minor, subscapularus) for the release of congestion emotional blocks and chronic holding.   Focusing on technique and body mechanics starting the day with yoga and meditation.





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