Awareness Oriented

Structural Integration

~Based on the work of Ida Rolf~Rolfing~


Structural Integration is not massage

Ida Rolf developed a breakthrough in therapeutic bodywork based on a 10-session process.  It is a system of deep manipulation of the connective tissue restructuring the fascia and misalignment.  Basic rolfing (ST) consists of a series of 10 sessions each focusing on a different part of the body. This work aligns, encourages, and re balances the tissue within its gradational field and axis.  ST goes deep to muscle attachments and bones softening attachments, bringing release to adhesions, congestion, and stuck energy.  This highly effective modality lengthens, spreads and differentiates the connective tissue (fascia) which can become compromised from incorrect postural patterns, chronic injuries and more allowing pathways to be cleared for essential food and blood to enter their needed pathways for wholeness and recovery to come forth.

One of the multiple reasons this work is so effective and transformational on all levels is the result of educating clients in postural awareness.  When a person is not aware they are in a pattern that causes them pain, (emotional, mental, physical or any level) there is little hope of a positive change.  Awareness always precedes transformation as Energy follows intention.  Even a slight incorrect postural habit can affect the whole body as it is all connected..

If you’re ready to begin the process of healing and changing the old paradigm of healing

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10 Sessions of Structural Integration Therapy


The 10 sessions are recommended but not mandatory.  Any amount of time given to this work will result in freeing up the tissue, deeper awareness, and full embodiment (Melissa Jude will integrate a custom healing according to the clients individual healing).


This is a general brief description of the 10 sessions it is good to allow your self a 2-hour time frame, as sessions are approximately 1.5 hours.


1)   Grounding the Foundation; The Feet are the foundation so beginning with our awareness their.  This session will give detailed focus on freeing the feet, arches, between metatarsals and retinaculum bands in the ankle working and clearing pathways up the anterior and posterior leg to the knee, softening the tendons around the knee.

2) Freeing the shoulder Girdle; This session focuses on freeing attachments (pec minor, subscapular us, etc.), in the anterior and posterior shoulder trough differentiating and myo facial release stretchs and Opening the Breath and heart.

3) Working the sideline; This will address the IT Band from the side, giving energy to the rotators, melting and softening the tissue between the ribs freeing up any stuck or glued adhesions and energy and working shoulder for the side.

4) Quadriceps; This session lengthens, spreads and differentiates the tissue which brings the life force into the quads and give some energy and heat  to all attachments and freeing the anterior pelvis from bellow.  

5) Freeing anterior pelvis from above; This session works with the psoas, the mother muscle.  This is the muscle we walk from in our correct alignment and essential for freedom in the hips.  This session will also work and clear the pathways in the abdominal area allowing more space for flow

6)  Freeing the pelvis from behind; Session 6 will focus on the gluts and rotators, working with the quadrates labarum (works in conjunction the psoas) essential for freedom and flexibility.  Clearing pathways down the erectors and working with detail to spread, lengthen and differentiate tissue in the back.

7) Freeing the Neck; Melissa Jude integrates cranial sacral to this session along with freeing tissue, lengthening connective tissue and muscles in the neck and softening surrounding  attachments (ligaments/tendons).


Sessions 8,9 and 10 are integration sessions according to each particular bodies progress. Or starting with session 8 as 1 leaving 9 and 10 for the end.

Melissa will intuitively and structurally channel these sessions and use any or all of her healing modalities that will aid in the clients individual requirements.  It is essential for clients to maintain their postural awareness, which puts the lasting alignment in their hands.


It is beneficial and promoted to continue with your sessions if possible as this deep satisfying therapy is also a general maintence to keep the body and system juicy and free. 


Yoga and Structural Integration

A ten session series of SI can dramatically propel your yoga practice.  During the series you will achieve advancements in your practice that might take five years through yoga alone and with improved body usage and awareness, you can avoid yoga related injuries. When combining SI and Yoga, you get synergistic effects beyond the benefits of either alone.  Rolfing (SI) opens up new possibilities for movement, Yoga provides a way to explore and enhance the new movement patterns.


Medical Intuitive

A medical intuitive is an alternative medicine practitioner who uses their self described intuitive abilities to find the cause of a physical or emotional condition.


Melissa Jude works with the subtle energy body, the etheric counterpart which inner penetrating the physical.  Energy follows intent

 She works with the higher realms and is able to aid her clients in awareness. 

Awareness proceeds transformation


While Structural Integration is primarily focused on the physical change in the body it affects the whole person.  To a large degree we are our belief systems and unless a person is taking care to consciously (through yoga, meditation, etc.)  they will hold it in their bodies and tissues.

Issues in the tissues

Align the physical structure and it will open up the individual potential. 

Structural integration is a way of restructuring the physical body while the intuitive work finds the root cause of a dis ease or dis harmony and solutions to resolve it.



1.5 Hour Session 120.00

10 Sessions Prepaid  1000.00

Medical Intuitive Session included in SI

Medical Intuitive Session Only  1 Hour  85.00

Private Yoga with Sessions Available

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