Belize Green School Our Vision in Holistic Education

Calla Creek Holistic High School


A School where students can learn, grow, inspire and be inspired in a holistic setting with eco friendly earth awareness and practice to become the next generation of leaders and creators of the planet.


The foundation of our School is to have classrooms with open-air flow, eco buildings and materials.  To implement a variety of classes Incorporating a diverse teaching and volunteer staff for a well ~rounded holistic education “outside of the box” in addition to regular required subjects that nurture the passions and creativity of the students while grounding and including them in making their own organic school garden, logos and class rooms promoting a sense of pride, accomplishment and tribe.


Our Mission

To honor, respect and nurture ourselves each other and our planet while exchanging visions, knowledge, creativity and wisdom.



I believe in the eternal light uncreated and perfect and in the holy spirit that it emanates.  For all the universes visible and invisible.  For the assumption of the cosmic Christ in the worlds and its livened up and in animated creatures.  Conscientious and self conscientious, so that all are as, in harmonization through unconditional love.

I know that as a human being I must live to the example, incorporating these three principals:  Good thoughts, good actions and making of this, the reason of my life.  Being grateful for the light of this mission, pardon, charity and compassion.  Three principles that I must folllow to compose the six points of the great white brothrhood.  The lodge I desire to belong with sincere aspiration, for the ascension of my individual being to the absolute, as a soul-Rose blosseomed in the cross.  I know that the life is eternal and that the creatures are transitory but we have the option of living forever through the cosmic will of Christ.  That assumes us so that he can let us be him in the day of transformation.  When we will become adepts in the truth.  The peace of the cosmic Chirst be always in our hearts and the light of the Holy Spirit always shine on us.  So it must be.

-Jose Quetzal, Najera, "Chepe"-




DOCTORA:  MELISSA JUDE LUCA                                                                                                               JOSE QUETZAI NAJERA

HEALING MINISTER, SPRITUAL MEDIUM,                                                                                                 ROSICRUCIAN AND 

MASSAGE AND YOGA INSTRUCTOR                                                                             VISION EXCHANGE, GREEN SCHOOL, PROPHET

My name is Jose Quetzal najera F.R.C.. I am initiated on the highest R.C. Orientals Ritz, accepted and correctly prepared, also Prophet on Spriritual, History, Spritual Ecology, Leadership ext. in Vision Exchange, and Green School.

I am the last Maya decendent of Quetzwho (who was married with the Queen Quetzal Petatl).  Who's father was Mixcoalt. Also direct decendant of Ipolita Sac and Jose Quetzal, legit blood of princess (Sac-nite) daughter of the king Cannec: (Chac-Xib_Chac) of the Itzaes on Peten, 1420 AC.

I would like to clarify that this work has no intention to cause controversy, In fact the same points are to be intermediated between the two institutions and thier members.   And under the spiritual of tolerance that characterize us being R.C, teacher of the Belize Green School, I believe it's important and interesting to share this material with my brotherhood so this may serve to appreciate the little unknown aspects of the story of The Vision Exchange The Green School Belize and the relationship with the Rosicrucian. 

Our purpose is to expand the light on this new Aquarius ERA.  At the same time I want to clarify that this works intention is not to cause political or religious power.  "As I am nobody, I am no better than no one and I do not come to be joined".

Jose Quetzal, Najera,  Atlantis 

Melissa Jude Luca, Healing Minister

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