Medicine Mountain Retreats 

Remember How to Charge your Light Body

Awareness proceeds transformation and Energy follows Intent.

Too long we have seen healing as outside of us.  This retreat will help you understand the ways to shift into the true inside healing which is the real healing for the whole person.  Western medicine although helpful and valid in some ways too long we have turned to it only treating the "symptoms" and overlooking our whole constitution.  Our whole constitution also includes our energy (light) body which has never been acknowleged in our society as relevent.  

Recently our planet has shifted and people are realizing the old ways are not working.  The good news is we can heal!  Whatever the "issue" in your life:  Health, Weight Loss, Disease, Nutrition or anything in between you can learn to remember your inner voice which leads to lasting health, prosperity, healthy relationships and a shift in the mind which drastically effects the body.  

This two day retreat is designed to allow the pressures of life and stagnant energy of your comfort zones to transmute. By emerging ourselves in a supporting, nurturing environment  we  allow  unhealthy patterns of holding  to shift and make  way for juicy new pathways to open.

Belize School of Enlightenment and Massage Therapy

Housing for 600 Hour International Students

2-Day Weekend Retreats Include lodging, Meals, Healings, Meditation, Yoga and Awareness Oriented talks and Exercises.  All of this will allow you to take back to your life a new way to BE. 

Food Full of healing properties to infuse life and light into all of the cells.  You will learn to prepare easy meals, juices and teas making it easy to make at home  so you continue your light journey when you go back to your life.

Structural Integration, Craniel Sacral Therapy, Reiki, Homeopathy and Massage are some of the healing modalities we work with to balance the bodies.

Meditation, Awareness Oriented talks and exercises to bring forth a new way to stay focused on your Healing with lasting results

Yoga-Movement-Dance to keep the bodies energies clear and free of old patterns

Descriptions of modalities on varies pages on this site.

$50 per night or prices included with retreats and workshop packages

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