En Lighten Up


An Inner Dimensional Dance through Awareness

12~Module Online Course


The Vision Exchange invites you to our EN LIGHTEN UP online course. Students will receive outlined modules allowing individual pacing. Each module includes recorded lectures, juicy meditations, yoga videos, PDF documents, online chat group, and 50% off a priivate reading with course designer Melissa Jude.  This online course will walk you through your own personal relationship with yourself and your yoga practice--allowing you to become aware of your energy body, chakras, posture, breath, movement and more.

To become aware is to turn our attention on, Awareness Proceeds Transformation. We will be working on directing our attention with frequency awareness and focused, purposful intention, Energy Follows Intent.

The intention for this course is to provide tools, information, and guidance, for exploration and transformation on all levels of your being and,

Deepen your Spiritual Connection
Create your Dreams
Communicate Mindfully
Be Fully Embodied on all Levels
Wake Up and Live the Juiciest Eternal Life and Reflect it to this World!

As we literally plant our prayers, we begin to understand seed consciousness as it relates to our DNA. 

As we work with earth energy, we find our roots, we learn to ground.

As we train ourselves away from negative thought patterns, we release old attachments... we become light

As we move into the psychic brain, and balance the masculine and feminine energies inside of us, we become free of restrictions from the old paradigm which no longer resonate with our new frequencis.

 The masculine feminine earth polarities shifted on December 21, 2012. Since then the planet has been slowly moving toward a reawakening. An awareness of the heavenly aspects of the feminine ascending, and the earth based aspects of the masculine--is being grounded and revealed more and more each day. With a shift in perspective...father  earth, and mother sky and once unified we can fly. 

This is the first in a series of global consciousness shifts to come. As we recognize that we are no longer confined to the traditional archetypes that define and limit our view of the world--we are free to undertake the overstanding, of ourselves resonating in a higher frequency. 

This course will cover:

How to be aware of and align your, physical, and energetic bodies,

How to create and manifest your life without time

How to shift in to wholeness and be fully embodied on all levels.

Guided Yoga


These practices teach:

How to become your own physician and therapist.

How to deepen divine guidance

How to tap into the earths wisdom.

Deeply connect and create with your own yoga practice

It doesn't matter how much practice or knowledge, if any, that you have in yoga or inner discipline. All that is required, is your commitment to living life as a moving meditation. Once we accept responsibility for our own unity, we can begin to live our lives on a higher frequency--sending and receiving with clarity, focus, and purity 

Module 1:

Introduction to awareness and energy

Energy Body and Chakras

Postural Energy and Physical Alignment

Awareness and Responsibility of enegy

Beginning/deepening a daily connection to your higher frequency, guides and angels

Module 2:

 Polarity Awareness

Realize your poloarity essence

Masculine Feminine Roles

Core Spine Awareness, bandahs, breath meditation

Listen to your bodys wisdom

Module 3:

Emotional Addictions and Mental Program Awareness

Mind Body Connection and Issues in the tissues

Juicy Joints keeping the energy free 

Module 4:

Inner Child reparenting

Agreements with self

Inner poses


Module 5: 

Marrying inner masculine feminine

Clarity in communcation and agreements

Balance Yoga poses

Module 6:

Know how your brain works
Using breath and visualization to shift frequencies

Manifest without limitation

Module 7:

Manifesting Magic

Vision Board with Mantras

Prayer and Sun Salutations

Module 8:

Working with and channeling earth energy

Natural Calender Awareness

Healing the Body, DNA and seeds

Module 9:

Alchemy, Food, Intentions and Channel Univesal Energy for whole ness

Express your light through Dance and Music

Module 10:

Grounding Poses

Physical Nutrition Awareness

Module 11:

Devotion and Focus to your purpose

Recognize when your energy is being robbed and keeping it clear and protected

Be Loyal to your Light and trusting yourself

Finishing sequence

Module 12:

Mental Diet to Maintain your frequency and stay connected

Flow with your practice


Cost: $257



Installment options and one-on-one sessions available on a case by case basis

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