More on Tantra Yoga

What is Tantra?

The spiritual art of love...connecting spirit with form.  It is experiencing love through the beauty of the earth and all existence.  It is about the balance within our own masculine feminine energies.  It is acceptance rather than denial and wisdom within unconditional love.

Is Tantra yoga?

If we see yoga as union than yes.  It is not about yoga practiced in America unless that teacher also embraces the onenness and sensual nature of tantra.

Is Tantra a religion?

Tantra is not a religion.  It is a spiritual path.  When religion comes in limitations are formed.  Tantra cannot be limited into religion or dogma

Practicing Tantra is to see others as divine, to meditate, to give and receive.  To seek the purist highest quality of life yet accept what we have and fully embody our divinity.  God Goddess unite inside and outside.
Tantra books (suggested reading)
  • Tantra:  The supreme understanding,  Osho
  • The art of sexual ecstasy,  Margot Anand
  • The way of the superior man,  David Deida
  • Sexual Agreements,  Amara
  • Introduction to tantra,  Lama Yeshe
  • Kama Sutra,  Sir Richard Burton
  • Sexual Energy and Yoga,  Elizabeth Haich
  • The great book of tantra,  Indria Shinha
  • Art of Tantra,  Phillip S. Rawson
  • Jewel in the lotus,  Sunyata Sarawati
  • The path of the mystic lover,  Nik Douglas


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