An Inside Job


Yoga is an inside job.  Although ancient techniques paved the way it is a new day and time to listen to our own bodies wisdom.  Although I am based in Ashtanga I have came to overstand a new way of combining all I know with all that is coming through now.  I foucs a lot on core strength, on the energy body and building a solid foundation that holds the space allowing the freedom of movement, dance, stillness or whatever each beings divine wisdom wishes to express through the body.   Its a Juicy practice!  


~"I had my first ever yoga class with Jude, and over a three month period felt my fitness improve. But more importantly, my awareness of my whole mind-body-spirit increased through Jude's teaching of yoga, yoga philosophy, and mindful awareness. Jude also helped me to find clarity through spiritual readings, in which she was spot on about elements of my family's history and helped me to connect to my spirit guides. Meeting Jude through yoga changed the course of my life and put me back on my spiritual path! I can't thank her enough for helping me to grow 'roots and wings' for my life journey. "  ~  Erika Sarah 2009



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Meditation of several areas to balance and integrate the whole being    

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